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Culture Club Pilot: An Albatross Arts CIC & Jean’s Bothy Arts & Wellbeing Collaboration

Albatross Arts CIC and Jean’s Bothy delivered a social wellbeing project to establish meaningful connections with larger cultural organisations to support people, of all ages, dealing with mental health challenges. The Culture Club Project was an inclusive, 9 week, intergenerational, pilot project that engaged and supported local people living with mental health challenges to re-engage with wider society post pandemic, whilst learning new skills. The project facilitated weekly cultural excursions, planned and co-designed with the participants and cultural organisations, with whom we already had strong links. The participants built cultural confidence, explored shared specific challenges in a safe setting and established new peer support networks.


how did we get on?

  • Individuals established a new network of peers / friends which led to a greater sense of belonging and self-esteem.
  • Travelling outside the local area in a supported group aided confidence and re-established skills especially after lockdown.
  • Individual personal growth on multiple levels.
  • Increased appreciation of the cultural offering to be found on our doorstep.
  • Establishment of a new found interest for participants; engaging in creative activities is fun and therapeutic.
  • Greater awareness of the many benefits of intergenerational learning in addressing social challenges.
  • We broke down the perceived barriers to accessing arts and culture for those living with mental health concerns.
  • A terrific opportunity for partnership working; creating a more resilient, connected and cohesive local social enterprise network to generate ideas and deliver innovative programmes to those in need.
  • Increased the suite of creative offerings available within
    our community.

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Culture Club Pilot: An Albatross Arts CIC & Jean’s Bothy Arts & Wellbeing Collaboration