Community craft event for adults

“Thank you so much for a lovely art session. It was very calming and good for the soul, please hold more events like this.”

Sense UK

“I’m so proud of the number of such high quality sessions that have been delivered. It has also been amazing to see the impact that these sessions have had on the people that we support.”

Sense UK

“We are excited for the next year ahead and expect the programme to grow year by year . We now have an opportunity to put in place a sustainable plan to enable the delivery of the brilliant Albatross Art sessions that have had a big impact on the people that we support.” (Arts & Wellbeing […]

COP26 community family event at our pop up venue

“What a great way to feel connected and part of the community. We can’t wait to see the art displayed in the town. What a fantastic way to bring people together and encourage us to all feel proud of our town”

Adults (Mental Health)

“Has worked wonders for my mental health after months of lockdown. Your body gets a bit of exercise and you open your eyes to a bit of culture, things you would probably not see otherwise.”

Adults (Mental Health)

“If I hadn’t come today I would have been sitting at home on my own. I used to spend a lot of time at home alone. I got used to it. I didn’t realise how detrimental it was to my mental health. I just accepted it, it was normal”

Partner Organisation

“Probably the best and most meaningful business plan engagement I have ever had. For Albatross Arts this is not just a paperwork exercise”

Public Sector Clients

“Working with Albatross Arts is money well spent. They are passionate about what they do and this shines through while they are working with participants engaged in their programmes.”

Children / Young People / Parents

“OMG I didn’t think I could do this and I didn’t really think I wanted to, to be honest, but it was awesome. I loved it and everyone at my table did too. I’m pretty proud of myself. “